Project Description

Protection & Control

EG&R’s team of designers and engineers have a vast breadth of knowledge and experience in protection and controls at the utility scale. We understand the importance of protecting our client’s assets, improving reliability, and upgrading antiquated relaying systems.


  • One Line Conceptual Design
  • Schematic & Wiring Design
  • Substation Automation
  • Relay Settings
  • Relay Communication
  • AC Three lines
  • Generator Protection
  • Transformer Protection
  • Tripping Logic Diagrams
  • Relay Panel Fabrication Design
  • Detailed Functional Test Procedures
  • Isolation Point Lists
  • On Site Installation Support
  • Line Protection
  • Feeder Protection


Transformer and Bus Differential Relay Protection Upgrades:

Engineering and design services to support the upgrade of the client’s Transformer and Bus Differential Relay Protection systems in client’s substation and control house. This included upgrades of existing electromechanical relays to new multifunction microprocessor based SEL relays and interface with existing GE Transformer and Line Protection relays.

NERC CIP Relay Upgrades:

Engineering and design services to upgrade existing relays, communication, and controls at multiple substations to be in compliance with NERC CIP requirements.

138kV – 230kV Line Protection Upgrades:

Upgrade of existing electromechanical relays to multifunction SEL Line Protection Relay to support client’s existing substation upgrade.

Electrical Controls Design for Sensor Deployment:

Complete Electrical and Controls Design for the design of new sensor network cabinets to support the integration of 77 existing equipment sensors related to Substation Transformers, Circuit Breakers, and Reactors for major utility client.

Sequential Tripping and Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) Replacement Projects:

Engineering and design and field support for several facilities for the client’s Sequential Tripping and AVR replacement program. This included the upgrade Turbine Generator protection systems including the design for the upgrade of the generator protection systems which included new SEL multifunction protection relays.