Project Description

Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

Arc flash hazards pose a serious risk to personnel safety in the operation and maintenance of electrical distribution equipment. EG&R’s licensed professionals can model our client’s existing power distribution system to determine the arc flash hazards and determine the required PPE (personal protective equipment) for safe equipment operation.

We offer the following engineering services and capabilities:

  • Power distribution modeling and analysis utilizing SKM and ETAP
  • In-depth knowledge of IEEE, NFPA, and OSHA standards regarding Arc Flash Hazards
  • Calculation of incident energy levels, and arc flash hazard categories for all electrical distribution equipment
  • Address safety concerns and highlight high risk areas
  • Provide arc flash mitigation strategies and recommendations to lower incident energy levels and arc flash risks


Arc Flash Hazard Analysis for Multiple Generating Stations:

EG&R provided engineering services to prepare arc flash reports, data sheets, and power system models for many generating stations. Project involved comprehensive power system analysis using SKM Power Simulation Software.

Short Circuit Study, Coordination Studies, and Arc Flash Analysis Wastewater Treatment:

EG&R was selected to perform a complete power system analysis inclusive short circuit study, protective device evaluation, coordination study, and arc flash hazard analysis for Wastewater Treatment facility. The evaluation included a site walkthrough, and document review along with the development of a new power system models in SKM of two (2) large facilities.

Arc Flash Hazard Analysis for Industrial Gas Facility:

EG&R Engineering performed power system modeling and arc flash analysis for a major global manufacturer of industrial gases. The plant distribution system consisted of an incoming 12.47-2.4kV, 2.5MVA transformer feeding a 2400V Motor Control Center lineup, and multiple 480V Motor Control Center lineups downstream. EG&R was responsible for reviewing all existing single line diagrams, schematics, and performed a detailed coordination study and arc flash hazard analysis based on as-built information