Remedial Investigations & Feasibility Studies

RI/FSs and Remediation of a number of Dense, Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid (DNAPL, such as many chlorinated organic compounds, coal tars, etc.)- contaminated sites. (Hoechst Celanese, Beezer Inc., BASF, Georgia Pacific, Ford Fasteners, various consulting firms)

Remedial Investigation/ Feasibility Studies (RI/FS)/ Remedial Alternatives Analysis of CERCLA, RCRA, ECRA/ISRA (New Jersey) and UST sites (Olin Chemicals, Kalama Chemical, BASF, ASARCO, Rockwell International, Schuylkill Metals, Cessna, Plessey Dynamic, Southland, Lenox, Novak, U.S. Postal Service, A.T.&T., various commercial clients and consulting firms).

RCRA Facility Investigations (RFI) and Corrective Measures studies (CMS). (Olin Chemicals, Chemical Waste Management, Texaco).

Investigation of groundwater contamination by nitrates and nitrate transport modeling at various septic facilities in southern New Jersey. Also provided hydrogeologic modeling support for the design of septic facilities. (School Districts and various engineering companies in New Jersey).

A-E Environmental Services/Remediation and Streambank Stabilization, Site #34, U.S. Naval Base, Kittery, E; U.S. Navy.

Hydrogeologic investigations and geochemical studies associated with landfills, mines, and smelters, and acid mine drainage problems. (Burlington Northern Rail Road, Alcoa, Leadville Mining, ASARCO, Waste Management Inc., St Joe Gold Corp., and various engineering companies).

Environmental Assessments

Environmental audits including several Phase I and Phase II site assessments of commercial and industrial sites (Federal Aviation Authority, U.S. Postal Service, engineering companies, law firms, and commercial clients). Environmental and Historic Preservation (EHP) Reviews; Environmental Assessments/ Environmental Impact Statements (NEPA) (Federal Aviation Authority/ U.S. Dept. of Transportation, LIPA/PSEG).

Litigation-related projects, which involved evaluation of technical reports prepared by other consultants, identification of key hydrogeologic and groundwater contamination issues, preparation of reports. Expert witness reports, and presentation of testimony at depositions. (Various law firms in New Jersey, Louisiana, and various consulting firms)


Part B Hazardous Waste Permit Applications including various supporting documents and plans. Prepared solid waste permits applications and permit modifications. (Olin Chemicals, Marine Shale Corp., Chemical Waste Management, Rocky Flats Plant). Preparation and implementation of closure plans for hazardous waste and solid waste facilities (Olin Chemicals, Georgia Pacific, CECOS International).

Preparation of numerous groundwater assessment and monitoring reports for RCRA regulated sites (Olin Chemicals, Georgia Pacific, CECOS International, Marine Shales Corp.). A/E Environmental Services, Fort Monmouth U. S. Army Installation, USACE contract, New York District.

NPDES permitting, Pollution Prevention Plans, Stormwater Sampling and Facility inspections, U. S. Army, Fort Monmouth, NJ. Execution of corrective action for an abandoned hazardous waste landfill and drum- storage area (Olin Chemicals).

Prepared and conducted peer reviews of Underground Injection Control (UIC) permits. Preparation of DPCC and SPCC Plans for chemical manufacturing and bulk fuel storage facilities. (Fidelity Chemical, Olin Chemicals, National Fuel Oil Inc., various engineering companies).

Underground Storage Tanks

Underground Storage Tank (UST) closures, Site Investigations, and Remediation of former UST sites including the design of product recovery systems, and vapor intrusion investigations (over 100 sites- New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York). Engineering/Consulting for Removal of 30 underground storage tanks and construction of two fuel dispensing facilities including site preparation, construction of retaining walls, fencing, curbs, and gates (City of Newark).

Remediation/Remedial Design

Evaluation of groundwater remediation systems including pump and treat system and institutional treatment systems involving air sparging, bioremediation.  Design of groundwater pump and treatment system at industrial sites.  (BASF, Olin Chemicals, Beezer, Inc., UOP, Tuscon Dairy Farms, various commercial clients). Engineering design, health and safety, and construction quality assurance for the construction of a hazardous waste landfill (Olin Chemicals).

Laboratory Data Validation

Laboratory data validation of volatile, semi-volatile, and metals analyses (over 2000) using EPA Region II and Region III guidelines. Also performed data evaluations and prepared Quality Assurance Project Plans. (Various U. S. Navy Projects, CH2M Hill, EA Engineering, and various consulting companies). Characterization of a low-level radioactive waste disposal site in Arkansas (U of Ark). Reviewed site characterization plans (prepared by DOE’s Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management) for high-level radioactive waste repository siting, Deaf Smith County, Texas.

Groundwater Modeling

Groundwater modeling/contaminant transport modeling using analytical, semi-analytical and numerical models (various clients).